Ballkan Petrol switches to green energy

As part of the program for investments in the field of renewable energy and environmental protection, the company “Balkan Petrol” has installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the oil factory “Primoil”, with a maximum production capacity of 100kW, another 95kW at the restaurant “Balkan Restaurant” in Prelez, Ferizaj and 80kW at this company’s complex located in Kaçanik i Vjetër.  With these investments, this company has qualified in the group of the first Kosovar producers that use green energy in their production line.

The works in the construction of these solar plants have been successfully performed by the Kosovar manufacturer of solar panels “Jaha Solar”.

During the first year of operation of this system, the company has recorded an annual production of 231MWh of ecological electricity, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the air by 195 metric tons, equivalent to emissions if this energy would be produced by burning of the fossil fuels.