Production of motor
oils and other fluids

Motor and industrial oils as well as PrimOil fluids are the leading brands in Kosovo for many years, and the demand for these quality and valuable products in  European markets is expanding each year. All products of the PrimOil family are produced in a well-equipped factory with advanced technology, while their quality is constantly checked in the company’s accredited laboratory. Keeping up with the global competition, PrimOil applies innovations and develops new products that meet the standards and requirements of vehicle manufacturers and relevant organizations in this field: ACEA, API, SAE, DIN, BS, and others. In efforts to meet all the demands of its customers and business partners, PrimOil has also launched a support program with instructions for the use of lubricants and fluids of this brand, implemented by a specialized staff capable to communicate in many languages.

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Quality petroleum

Ballkan Petrol chain of modern gas stations offers high quality of Premium,
Euro Diesel, Euro Gasoline and LPG to their customers. Within the range of these
stations, customers are offered other opportunities to be served in modern markets
and exclusive restaurants, which have proven to provide high and special quality
services. Pursuing the vision for a more ecological world, in addition to installing
photovoltaic panels, Ballkan Petrol Corporation has initiated projects to build
recharging stations for electric vehicles.

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Food lover’s

“Ballkan Restaurant” is a well-known brand of the network of exclusive restaurants, which operate within the complexes of multifunctional gas stations, but also in urban areas.

Our customers are offered a rich and special menu of Italian food, cooked by professional chefs, and served by a welcoming and smiling staff.

The rich cuisine with food, good service, and stylish environment, are highly valued by our regular customers and many tourists who have enjoyed the specialties of “Ballkan Restaurant”.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal since it gives meaning and a unique shine to the activities of the entire “Ballkan Petrol” corporation.


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