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Antifreeze LongLife G-13

PrimOil Antifreeze LongLife G-13 is latest generation of antifreeze, formulated with glycol base and a careful selection of additives, without harmful substance contain as: phosphates, nitrates and amines that make this product to be ecological and friendly with environment. PrimOil Antifreeze Long Life G-13 ensures easy maintenance for engine from freezing, long-life in using and protection against corrosion and foaming. Use: designed to use in all cooling systems of motors. PrimOil Antifreeze Long Life G-13 recommended mixing with deionized water in 50/50 ratio, to ensure protection against freezing down to minus 37°C. Maximal protection reached at mixture of 68 % of PrimOil Antifreeze Long Life G-13 with deionized water. The use of mixtures with more than 70% concentration of PrimOil Antifreeze Long Life G-13 is not recommended.

Dukshmëria / Appearance Pastër / Clear
Densiteti relative ne 15.5°C
Relative density at 15.5°C, g/cm3
Pika inicuese e vlimit, °C
Initial boiling point, °C
Pika e ngrirjes pas 50/50, °C
Initial crystalization after 50/50, °C
pH / pH (50% vol.) 8,5
Ngjyra / Color Vjollcë / Purple
  • ASTM D 3306 / D 4340 / D 4985 / D5 345 / D 6210
  • MB 325.3, MAN 324 Type SNF
  • SAE J 1034, VW TL774-F (G12+)
  • VOLVO 1286083
  • MTU MTL 5048
  • OPEL GM 6277M