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Lithium EP 00/000

PrimOil Lithium EP 00/000 are multipurpose semi-fluid antifriction greases produced by thickening an appropriate base oil with lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap and adding selected additives. They are mainly used in centralized lubrication plants, in auxiliary vehicles and equipment operating in the open, with long piping. These semifluid greases are used in all types of gear drives where manufacturers recommend lubrication with grease. Among the typical application these greases is lubrication of the wheels of railway transport units, trucks wheel bearings, roll bearings in crushers, grinding mills and mixers, general lubrication in steel works (especially in cold and hot rolling mils), centralized lubrication systems, where the grease is fed to heavily loaded lubrication points. Operating temperature, from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C. (D)


  • NLGI 00
  • ISO 6743/9 ISO-L-XCBEB 00
  • DIN 51502, DIN 51825 – GP 00 G-30